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Oceanis 41. Katalina

Equipped with a wide stern and a fantastic platform to make the most of the space. Ideal to enjoy anchored in a beautiful cove.
From 2.000€ per week


41 Feet


8 Persons
(6+2 in living room )


3 cabins


2 bathrooms


Year 2012

Meet the Katalina

Katalina was one of the first boats that apart from being designed for proper navigation was also designed with comfort in mind, hence its wide stern with a huge automatic platform to make the most of the space.

It has a cabin in the bow with its own bathroom and two cabins in the stern that share a large bathroom. It is prepared so that you always have electricity to charge your devices and has a lounge with a television that can be converted into a huge bed so you can watch your favourite films with your family and friends.

Oceanis 41. Katalina
Yacht charter stand up paddle

Equipment and Extras

Electronics: Convertidor 12v a 220v, piloto automático, ventiladores en cabinas, cargador de baterías, nevera, bomba de achique automática, cable 220V, plotter, boiler, molinete de ancla, radio VHF, Radio/CD/MP3, anemómetro, sonda y corredera.

Cover: Dinghy, timón de emergencia, bichero, segunda ancla, bimini, cizalla, cojines de bañera, compases, ducha exterior, bomba de achique manual, remos, aro salvavidas, capota, cabos de amarre, cubo, cepillo de cubierta, botellas de gas, equipo de snorkel y defensas.


Security: Fire extinguishers, first aid kit, tool box, safety harnesses, waistcoats, radar reflector, life raft and flares.


Navigation: Roller furling genoa, batten mainsail, tacking mainsail, tacking tack, navigational charts, winch handles, wind vane, bearing compass, point compass, triangle, etc.

Limpieza final 3 cabinas: 170€ por reserva, Tasas de marina: 10,00 € por semana/por persona, Botella de gas: 25,00 € por reserva

Chalecos salvavidas automáticos: 10,00 € por semana, Patrón + comidas: 1.500,00 € por semana, mascota a bordo: 50,00 € por reserva, toalla de ducha: 6,00 € por reserva/ por persona, equipamiento de pesca: 150,00 € por semana, Stand up paddle: 120,00 € por semana, juego de sábanas: 15,00 € por reserva/ por persona, azafata: 1.300,00 € por semana, traslados del barco a otras islas: 500,00 € por reserva, fueraborda: 95,00 € por semana, barbacoa: 200€, convertidor 220V: 25€ por semana

Technical Specifications

Type of vessel:


Bunk beds:

8 (6+2 in lounge)




41 ft


14 ft


6 ft

WC / Shower:



60 HP

Fuel capacity:

200 L

Water capacity:

570 L


Full Battern



Precios Alquiler 2024
in Majorca

11 de Mayo a 01 de Junio

2,200 per week

Desde 01 de Junio a 29 de Junio

2,700 per week

Desde 29/06 al 27/07 y 24/08 al 28/09

2.900€ por semana

Desde 27 de Julio a 24 de Agosto

3.700€ por semana

Desde el 28/09 al 12/10

2,500 per week

Precios Alquiler 2024
in the Canary Islands

Desde 31/12/2023 al 13/04/2024

2,200 per week

Desde el 09/11 al 30/11

2,200 per week

Desde el 30/11 al 31/12

2.000€ per week

What should you know before chartering this boat?

Generally, we ask you to prove that you are certified for the length of the boat to be chartered, and that you have experience of sailing a boat of a similar size. If you are not sure if you are suitable to take on the responsibility of sailing the boat on your own, we give you the option of hiring a skipper on a daily rate for the first few days of the charter, so that you will get to know the boat better and the rest of the days you will be more relaxed and comfortable.

During the check in you will have a base manager on board who will explain the boat in depth. You will fill in a short checklist to make sure that everything is on board and finally you will be given recommendations on routes to follow and advice on the weather forecast.

Our recommendation will always be to take out insurance to cover non-refundable deposits due to cancellation or damage on board caused by poor handling or misuse of the boat.

Make sure you have personal travel insurance to cover your sailing.

We take care of insuring the boat against all risks during the period of your charter with first class insurers, so that you can charter the boat according to the terms of the contract and in case of third party liability cover.

Prices vary depending on the week you rent, for example, in August which is high season the price will be higher than a week in October which is low season.

Do you want to book in Balearic Islands? Talk to us.

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We will contact you to finalise all the details of the booking via email.